What is the best ability of the job seeker?

Medan, July 23rd 2017
Mr. Scott Stone
Owner of Stone’s Burgers and Grill
Perum Majapahit Baru Kav. 25D, Kebun Arca

Dear Sir.

With this letter, I would like to apply in your restaurant as Head Chef. I get the information from your restaurant and noticed that your restaurant is looking for a new head chef, I am a professional chef with years of experience in numerous restaurants, I consider myself to be fit and proper for the job.

My name is Andi Johan. I am thirty two years aold. I graduated from Prince Jhon Internasional Culinary School in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 2007. I have worked as chef in several different restaurants, both in the UK and in Indonesia. I specialize in Western cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine as well.

I have been in position as head chef before and I am excellent at running a kichen and lead a team. Beside of that, I also have the skill to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, and a little bit of Italian.

With my education background and my previous experience as chef, I am confident that I am suitable for the head chef position for your restaurant. I have read about your restaurant at a glance and the menu served there are exactly in my specialty.

Herewith the letter, I enclose my resume and some other documents to explain my qualifications in more detail.

I am thrilled if I can join your restaurant and I have such a high hope for that. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Andi Johan

What is the best ability of the job seeker?

A. Fusion cuisine

B. Indonesian cuisine

C. Traditional cuisine

D. Oriental cuisine

E. Arabian cuisine


Pertanyaan di atas menanyakan tentang kemampuan memasak makanan yang dimiliki oleh penulis. Pada teks terdapat pernyataan “I specialize in Western cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine as well”. Pernyataan tersebut menunjukkan bahwa penulis memiliki spesialisasi pada masakan Barat dan Mediterania. Jawaban untuk kedua jenis masakan ini tidak ada pada pilihan jawaban.

Jadi, tidak ada jawaban yang benar.

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